Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Steppin' in Dog Poop and You Feel Fine?

I'm hanging out with my aunt and uncle's dog Sadie while watching America's Got Talent. I just watched Aaralyn (6?) and Izzy (10?). I didn't see them in the auditions or in the Vegas round--I've only been watching AGT this season occasionally. Anyway, the song Aaralyn and Izzy performed tonight seemed fun (Aaralyn wrote it), and maybe even a bit funny, yet I think it's ridiculous. Okay, so ridiculous in this case has positive and negative connotations. Positive: it was ridiculous in that it was (at first) a kind of stupid, funny song--the funny type of ridiculous. Negative: it was ridiculous in that it was stupid and NOT funny. Here are the lyrics:

Me and Izzy playing outside
Steppin' in dog poop
And we feel fine (or something like that)

Sounds like a kid-type of song, right, which is where the funny part comes in. Yet how many kids, or people in general, play outside and purposely step in dog poop just because they can? Okay, so they may feel fine, but they stink.

And this is where the Holy Spirit comes in. He showed me some things about this seemingly innocent kid song almost immediately after it was performed.

How many times do we play outside? Outside of God's Word, outside of His commands, outside of His will, outside of His covering? And we step in dog poop just because we can--we do things that aren't necessarily good for us to do, or that are NOT good for us to do, just because we can. We sin just because we can, and we feel fine. Of course we feel fine...sin is pleasurable for a season. We feel fine, and we STINK. When we play in crap, we're going to smell like crap. When we sin, we smell like sin to God. And just because we feel fine at the moment doesn't mean we're not going to have to deal with the crap on our shoe--the sin in our life. We'll either be proud of it and show it to everyone (sharing the stink), try to hide it (masking the smell unsuccessfully), try to throw it away (forgetting about the truth), or clean it up (going to Christ, admitting we sinned, and asking Him to take care of it).

Of course, when we step in dog poop one time, it's only going to stink for so long. Yet, when we keep stepping in that dog poop, we're going to continue to stink. As Jesus told the woman caught in the act of adultery, we need to "Go and sin no more."

My impromptu version of the song:

Me and my family
Playing inside
Seeking Christ's will
For we are His Bride

(What bride wants to stink for her bridegroom?)

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